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Artist Vignette

Van Zyle Age 4 Art
The Backstory

Raised in rural surroundings and growing up with nature as a close companion, his love of wild places and wild things were imprinted on him and nurtured at an early age. Throughout his life, Van Zyle has expressed his connection to the out-of-doors through his art.

slands that rise out of the sea, thousands of miles from landfall, have many stories to tell. For millinea, Hawaii remained uninhabited by man. Those few critters fortunate to reach here did so over wide and treacherous waters. Through perserverance, they overcame, adapted and evolved in astonishing numbers into unique examples of their species.

   Much later (evolutionarily speaking a mere 1500 years ago) man arrived from the south, a culture of the canoe on a voyage of discovery. They too, adapted and evolved into unique examples of perserverance. Those are the stories that pique my interest.
   Some call my works documentary, even educational, and I'm happy with that. But most of the time it's accidental. If the truth be told, I've always loved a good story and those that tell them. And no matter the form, Hawaii's stories deserve to be told well,  with authenticity and aloha. It's the entire process of the art that count. I try to provide the viewer with a continual journey through the piece, and it's important that my works have that "been there" look.

   orking in several mediums, paint, pencil, stone lithography and etchings, I generally start a piece with work taken from my field sketchbook. I arrange them into a composition that approaches the attitude and emotion I'm portraying. From there, a loose, full sized pencil layout 

is made and the medium is chosen. But most times, the medium chooses me. A work will emerge as a painting, drawing, stone lithograph or etching simply because that's the way I see it, at its best, in my mind's eye. From that point on, I place myself in the picture and tell my story.

Studio Dancer

  When not involved working in my studio at artistic endeavors, you may find me pursuing my hobby of collecting nearly everything or fishing in any body of water larger than a puddle.


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