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Hawaiian Etchings
Bird Sketch
t's been said that producing an etching is microscopic work. I believe that statement is true. Actually my etching process is a little like the song, "Pick A Little, Talk A Little," from The Music Man. "Scribe a little, etch a little." "Scribe a little, etch a little."
The matrix is a metal plate, either copper
or zinc. A thin film of asphaltum is applied to act as a resist to
the acid. With a thin sharp scribe I lightly draw through
the asphaltum exposing the plate underneath. Periodically
I bathe the plate in acid (seconds count here), which etches
the exposed line drawing into the metal, creating the
printing matrix. Repeat this many times and add in some rich toning
Dan's Signature Owl Chop(called aquatint in the biz) and the end result is a close relative to my
pencil drawings. Usually I print the edition in a single color,chosen as the base for hand
coloring that follows. Now the plate is ready to go the printing press. 

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