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Paintings & Drawings

hether I’m using pencil or brush, I’m drawn to subtle colors. Atmospheric sunlit hues in soft tropical light. The colors of the Impressionists.

                                                                                 are glazed acrylic on hard gessoed panels. My
                                                                        choice of acrylic over oil is a deliberate one.  In the tropics,
                                                                          their fast drying quality, while making it difficult to blend,
                    a                                                    allows me to “draw” more accurately with my brush.
                                                                Starting from the lightest hue and working to the darkest, I glaze pure transparent color over each. It’s a lengthy process, but the end result is rich and vibrant. There are colors in the shadows.

Hawaii Art Captions  
come naturally to me. I love the pencil and have used it forever. In fact, I drew long before I painted. Drawing is the root of visual art. I believe drawing constantly makes for a better painter, sculptor or artist. All the colors in the rainbow are in black graphite or grease pencil. Perhaps that’s I enjoy printmaking, it allows me to draw.

   Wingstretch Art
Hawaii Art Taking Flight


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