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Lithograph letter the art of printmaking goes far back in history, centuries even. It is the printed art before the camera was invented, and includes among others; stone lithographs, etchings (intaglio), woodcuts, serigraphy (silkscreen), mono-prints and engravings. "Original Prints" are easily defined by the artist having worked directly onto the printing matrix. There are no buttons, no cameras or scanners to enhance the artist’s efforts. And the nature of the matrix itself imposes its own intrinsic limitations on the artist as well as greatly limiting the edition size.
s a printmaker, I work in two mediums, stone lithography and etchings. Both are process oriented, very hands on and very intimate. I’m fortunate to have worked in altiers  with master printers in Alaska, Washington, New Mexico, California and Hawaii, where I find myself totally immersed in the process of coaxing the images out of both metal and stone.
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